About Institute

Take care to get what you like otherwise you will be forced to like what you get.

(GB Shaw)

The education is not complete until it creates better citizens for the world by preparing them for existing opportunities in real life. Believing in this, CKD Institute of Management & Technology has been established to provide a learning environment amalgamated with creative and technical skills. The learning at CKDIMIT comes through lectures, case studies, role plays, simulation exercises, audio-visual aids, etc. Apart from this, interactive sessions make up a significant portion of the curriculum. Students are taught about the application and implementation of the concept.

The organizations today are more team-oriented and process-driven. Their customers and suppliers are more global; their employees are more diverse; and the legal, ethical and social backdrops of their work, are far more complex. That is why today’s professionals need more than mere technical skills in a specific field. The premium lies in understanding the full context in which organizations operate.

Study of Management at CKDIMIT embraces the new, broad-based requirements of success. Courses, programs and other opportunities develop students’ skills in ethical reasoning and decision-making, their understanding of global and cross-cultural issues, and their ability to communicate clearly, manage conflict and build consensus. Interpersonal skills and soft skills are the explicit part of the information age. These skills are inculcated through various specially designed tools and techniques that include training sessions, personality development classes, case studies, role plays, etc.