Academic Information

The courses at the Institute are carried out through semester system. In the first two semesters, the students are introduced to the broad aspects of management, quantitative techniques and computers. These semesters consist of foundation and functional courses required for the understanding of the interdependence of the functional areas and help them to develop necessary analytical skills related to their studies.

After the first year of MBA, the students are given an opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with practical on the job experience through Summer Training. This training sharpens the skills of the learner as they get an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real life situations. Usually the training is spread over six to eight weeks duration, at the end of which, students submit their training report and deliver a comprehensive seminar on their training. In the final year of their course, the students are given the opportunity to specialize in their field of interest. Thus the students are exposed to combinations of core and elective courses. A salient feature of the last semester is an in-depth project study, undertaking by the students with an objective to help them gain practical experience. After completion of this study also, the students submit a detailed report, which is followed by an exhaustive seminar attended by the faculty and the students.

AICTE Approval
The Institute’s is affiliated to the Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar, and approved/recognized by the All Indian Council for Technical Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India for on going Management and IT Courses.

The Pedagogy
The Institute understands it responsibility towards building a team of brilliant academicians and researchers in all areas of management and computer applications. This task cannot be completed without meaningful interaction with eminent personalities and experts from industry, other institutions and universities. So, the institute has planned a series of such interactions during the course. The Institute also believes that a blend of different teaching approaches like discussions, case studies, group discussions, business games, presentations, team projects, simulated exercises, role playing etc, strive to created a world in which co-operation and competition co-exists.

The Perspective
The Institute has a clear perspective of achieving its mission to provide meaningful education by:

  • Transforming the students into full grown, healthy and balanced personalities.
  • Providing adequate facilities for sports.
  • Encouraging the students to participate in cultural activities, discussions, in-house interactions, industrial visits, training and presentations.