Code of Conduct


Each student has to register with the institute at the beginning of each semester. The date of registration is notified by university and every student is expected to register in person on the specified date failing which a student may not be allowed to continue in that semester.


University examinations
The university examinations are conducted at the end of each semester as per the prescribed scheme of examination for each discipline and the date sheet notified by the university through its website. There will be three Mid Semester Tests as per the schedule announced in the Academic Calendar of the institute for every semester.

College Identity Card
At CKD-IMT , each student is issued an identity card after their admission in the college. It is mandatory for every student to carry the identity card in the college. It is required to bring identity card during house test, final university examinations, and library and during college activities.

Dress code
Students are required to observe the dress code during the college hours as per the schedule set by college. The students of Department of Hotel Management will wear the differently prescribed dress.

Attendance requirement
In order to enable a student to appear in the semester examination, he/she should have attended at least 75% of the scheduled lectures, tutorials, laboratory classes. Student marked present only when he/she attends the class. Student having less than 75% attendance will be detained.

General rules regarding fees structure
The fee is payable at the time of admission and shall be as per guidelines of IKG Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. Other installments will be paid at the beginning of semester or as per announcements by the college. Student can make payment through check or cash and they must obtain receipt of payment from account’s section. The student must preserve their receipt till the completion of the degree.
The SC/ST/BC students will pay the fee as per govt. guidelines and post-matric scholarship scheme guidelines.


The students are expected to maintain discipline and silence in the library.
Books must be returned on the due date.
Bags etc are not allowed in the library.
Students are not allowed to take any book/periodical/newspaper etc. outside the library.
The student may be re-issued the book(s) if not in demand. The re-issue is done after the payment of overdue fine, if any and on the physical presentation of the already issued book(s).
The borrower must not damage/mutilate/tear out/mask any page of the borrower book. In case of any damage he/she shall be responsible for replacement of the book.
The last borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the book(s) / periodical(s) etc. issued on a particular card unless it has been pointed out at the time of issue.
No reader is allowed to use Mobile / Cell phone in the library. It must be switched off before entering the library.
The librarian may recall any book at any time if there is a specific demand.
Student is required to surrender the borrower card / tickets etc. to the circulation desk before leaving the institute and only then he/she will be issued a NO DUES CERTIFICATE (NOC).