The department offers:
A Three years Regular Bachelor Degree Programme in Computer Application

The main goal of the department is to provide technically sound manpower – which are prepared to excel in a dynamic and competitive market place- to ever growing needs of IT sector in India. For this The Department has various laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities to support the research and teaching activities. The team of computer application department – both in teaching and non teaching position- is committed to excellence and innovation in teaching /teaching programs at the leading edge of computer science. The education methodology includes lectures, discussions, cases, self study, field projects, simulations and other learning tools to ensure that students master not only the basic tools and theories, but know-how to real-life professional experience. The Department has all necessary resources like Computer labs, various useful softwares, Multimedia classrooms. The faculty in the department consists of senior and well experienced associate professors, assistant professors with very high qualifications. An experienced system analyst and well qualified lab staff take care of installation and maintenance of software and labs. Industrial visits, guest lecturers, workshops are organized from time to time.

The objectives of the department are to innovate within the areas specializations of Computer Applications; to advance and enhance commercial application and visual application development; to build interest in students for specialized research in inventing new data base design and to guide students in the building efficient information systems; to create new data base engines; and to create new Query languages.

The department emphasizes value based quality education in Computer Applications and the curriculum reflects the depth and width of Computer Application where emphasis is laid on practical understanding of technology; and offers the three year degree in Bachelor’s of Computer Applications. The class rooms are designed with an IT environment and equipped with projectors. The lab consists of state of the art Desktop machines. All the students visit industrial houses as a part of their academic work to get practical exposure. The placement cell process provides students with every opportunity to enter these top ranking companies.